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Sid V and Sir Creek

Been ages since I blogged, but had to respond to an edit by Sid V. He is that good.

Either Narendra Modi is completely clueless about how countries negotiate territorial disputes, which is worrying because he has prime ministerial ambitions and India has bigger boundary problems than Sir Creek; or, equally worryingly, he was being deliberately misleading about the facts in a cynical vote-catching attempt, with no thought to the larger consequences.

Either Sid V is completely clueless about the issue in question, which is disturbing because he definitely thinks he plays the kingmaker around here, or, equally disturbingly, for the editor of a newspaper that claims to be the best, highest circulation etc. he has penned a disastrous edit that - a) does not reflect latest information, b) is just the type of opening and public opinion boost Pakistan has been hoping for, and has generally been gifted on silver platter by peaceniks like Sid V.

First of all, absolute hatred about the man in question seems to have blinded Sid V to the simple fact that while there are bigger fish to fry, as far as Gujarat is concerned, Sir Creek is a key burning issue.  It is after all in Gujarat. So, as the CM of Gujarat Narendra Modi is certainly entitled to speak on the topic, or at the very least more entitled than a guy who is not even a citizen of India.

Sid V types have completely ignored Mamata’s royal snub to MMS over Bangladesh.  That apparently is not disastrous, but anything this particular CM does is irreparably irreversible.

This edit was probably written before latest developments over Rehman Malik’s snub by Indian establishment, and not even updated to reflect it. It comes way too late. This merely shows the contempt Sid V has for facts, effects of rhetoric etc. The raison d’etre of this edit is purely venting a little bit extra hatred. 

Sid V forgets to mention Pakistan has actually gone back on its words, denying the signature of its own Admiral over the Sir Creek issue. There is no realistic chance of Sir Creek ever being resolved without a mega geo-political event. 

Except if Sonia and her coterie make some kind of backroom deal, cutting Gujarat completely out of the process. There is ample evidence this has been going on - a video is available where two journalists known to be close to the establishment were found talking about a possible Sir Creek deal. 

Narendra Modi has done exactly the right thing under the circumstances. Sid V has done exactly the opposite. Instead of researching the issue and coming up with the correct conclusion that the UPA is engaged in shady deals (which is the only conclusion you can make on available data), he has chosen to play partisan politics over the issue. The fact that Sid V believes Sir Creek is about Narendra Modi proves this point.